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Our company history

Lakin General is a Chicago-based, family-owned company dedicated to tire recycling. Lakin General is an industry leader in promoting the recovery and reuse of tires and tire-derived materials. Since the early 1900s, Lakin has served as a collector of tires and a producer of parts and products using the take-off tire as raw material.

Lakin serves the recycling industry in two major ways. Our nationwide used-tire pick up service ensures that all scrap rubber flows through the proper channels and is used to its fullest extent. Whether it is used for TICOR die-cut rubber products, playground material or as an energy source, it remains viable as an alternative to other, more costly materials.

Our manufacturing division is responsible for the production of TICOR die-cut rubber products. TICOR is a low-cost, durable rubber material that has many applications in the agricultural, industrial, automotive and construction fields. Our engineers have learned that TICOR parts can provide many of the properties of rubber, plastic and polyurethane at a fraction of the cost.

Lakin works with each, individual customer to understand their needs. We have the capability to custom-design a product specifically for your use or as a cost-effective alternate to an existing design. We welcome your interest and pledge to work hand-in-hand with you on both your new product development and cost-reduction programs.

Welcome to the Lakin world of tire and rubber recycling, where innovative products are designed from recycled tire material.

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