Welcome to Lakin

Welcome to Lakin

The leader in tire recycling since 1919

Lakin General is an Industry Leader in promoting the reuse and recovery of tires and tire derived materials. Long before the term “recycling” became fashionable, Lakin was collecting scrap tires and producing parts and products using the scrap tire as raw material.

Engineers have learned that parts and products made from tire material provide many of the properties of rubber, plastic, or polyurethane, but at a fraction of the cost.

Lakin’s products are used in hundreds of applications where engineers require a versatile, low cost, durable rubber material that can transmit torque, absorb vibration, withstand flexing, and allow for thermal expansion or contraction.

Lakin engineers have earned a reputation over the years for innovation, quality and technological advances, as we assist our customers in finding low cost product alternatives for their engineered products.

From safe, sanitary, and environmentally friendly playground surface material to precisely engineered snow thrower blades, Lakin works with each individual customer to understand their needs and to ensure the proper material specification for each project.

Welcome to the Lakin world of tire and rubber recycling, where innovative products are designed from tire material.