Consumer Resources

Links and organizations about the recycling industry

Lakin General is frequently cited by environmental organizations as a positive example for resolving our nation’s scrap tire disposal problem. Of the millions of tires generated in the United States annually, over 10% of them will flow through the Lakin network processing centers. These tires, from one vehicle in ten traveling our nation’s highways, will be properly recycled by Lakin.

Lakin has developed a reputation for integrity and efficiency within the tire recycling community. We receive frequent requests from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various state and local agencies to share our tire recycling insight.

In the interests of extending that knowledge to our clients and the interested consumer, we’ve put together a list of online resources for in-depth information on tire reuse and recycling.

  • Frquently Asked Questions about Lakin’s products and services
  • Recycling Resources on the Internet
  • Glossary of common terms used in the tire recycling industry